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Rechargeable Pedicure Tool File

Rechargeable Pedicure Tool File

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callus remover for feet foot crack remover machine

Why use a electric foot file hard skin remover?


  1. Each of us has to walk 5,000-10,000 steps every day. Calluses of varying degrees will form on our feet. In severe cases, symptoms of cracking will occur. This not only makes people feel painful, but also affects walking and brings inconvenience to life. It also affects the appearance of the feet.
  2. Many people only think of its disadvantages when it is in pain. In fact, the sooner you care about foot problems, the easier and more economical it will be to solve.
  3. pedicure sets for feet is a small and compact device that can not only easily removal the callus of any part of the foot, but also foot peel and foot care. The two wheels of skin care set fit the skin tissue, does not hurt the skin or the feet, and can quickly, easily and effectively remove the calluses of the feet. Foot scrubber hard skin is a very suitable pedicure tool for families.


foot scrubber for dead skin foot scrubber roller
electric foot file and callus remover

Package Includes:

  • 1* corn remover for feet
  • 1* Fine grinding wheel
  • 1* Coarse grinding wheel
  • 1* USB Charging cord
  • 1* Instruction manual

Use Steps:

1. Direct use works best when feet are dry.If there are calluses or cracks on the feet, it is best to soak the feet first to soften the dead horny skin.

2. Rub back and forth to remove the dead skin, or you can use circular movements to remove the dead skin, evenly apply force, gently rub the dead skin and calluses.

3. Rinse dead dandruff with clean water and apply moisturizer to protect your skin.

4. Rinse the grinding wheels with clean water and dry the water stains to prevent bacterial growth.

5. Please note: To protect the battery, the feet hard skin remover will not start working while charging, so please use shower foot scrubber after unplugging the power cord.

How to clean?

Foot Roller Callus Remover Hard and Dead Skin Remover

Pedicure Tool for Dead Skin

Professional Pedicure Kit Foot Scrubber for Dry, Dead, Cracked, Hard Skin


  • Use the small brush to clean the residual dander on the body. Pedi includes 2 roller heads: one fine roller for polishing and everyday maintenance and one coarse roller for smoothing stubborn calluses and dead skin.



  • The Electric Foot Callus Remover includes a USB charging cable, which can be charged through any USB port with a short charging time. Ergonomically designed, easy-to-grip handle, lightweight and comfortable to use, wet or dry, making it the perfect travel kit for both men and women.



  • Use the small brush to clean the residual dander on the body.


Rechargeable Foot File Hard Skin Remover

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